Interview Questions – Section 4

1. Different types of binding and their uses.
2. security configuration in WCF.
3. Transport level security with message credentials.
4. How to enable HTTPS.
5. How to register SSL certificate with X.509 in config file.
6. Different configuration of WCF in config file.
7. Different types of contract and their uses. What is the Fault Contract.
8. Two bindings in WCF. For eg – wsHttp, basicHttp
9. wsHttpBinding
10. Duplex binding
11. Behaviour configuration in WCF
12. Response format in WCF
13. How to configure and use client side certificate and server side certificate.
14. Session management.

Windows service:
1. How to install windows service on different location using installer.
2. Threading & multi threading.
3. What is command to install windoes service using command prompt.
4. How windows service can hold next cycle records if have 1000 records to process in each 10 seconds windows service timer then next window service cycle should wait for or how can we do this?
5. What is mutex?

1. Difference between 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014.
2. New functions in 2012 and 2014.
3. Custom paging mechanism.
5. Indexing
6. Transaction
7. Which statement can not be used in trigger
8. Unique key & Primary key


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