Interview Questions – Section 4

WCF: 1. Different types of binding and their uses. 2. security configuration in WCF. 3. Transport level security with message credentials. 4. How to enable HTTPS. 5. How to register SSL certificate with X.509 in config file. 6. Different configuration of WCF in config file. 7. Different types of contract and their uses.… Continue reading Interview Questions – Section 4

New tools and their basic questions

#WCF Various deployment process – Cover the Self Hosting, Windows Service Hosting and IIS Hosting. #Web API (Basics, difference between web API & WCF services, applicability of Web API and security in WCF) #Angular JS #Basics of Windows Phone 8.1 development using Apache CORDOVA #‘Integration Manager’ a standalone module Summit application #Detailed application of RedGate… Continue reading New tools and their basic questions